Silver long term wave analysis and forecast

Price of Silver, one of the most heavily traded precious metals, is at an interesting point. Because of the B wave of the weekly correction is potentially over. Long-term forecasting of the silver chart is no easy task because: the market is currently in years-long B wave correction, there are many possible wave combinations, structures, and patterns within …

Should you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency markets are no doubt the most volatile of all. Partly because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as tokens based on “smart-contracts”, have amassed a flood of amateur wealth-seekers into the financial markets. Overnight millionaire stories have become more common. But within this fledgling niche, it is not so unusual to hear about epic failures too. The potential …

EURUSD has topped for now

Blue or green? Only time will tell

It is apparent that the wave 4 correction is still incomplete. If it is the blue “Flat” correction in play, then the forthcoming few weeks will most probably go into a sideways correction. On the other hand if this whole pattern is a part of the monstrous green triangle structure, we will see a very deep pull back to the downside.

Either way, EURUSD has topped and looking bearish for now.

A play in the GBPUSD with TradePips custom indicator

GBPUSD with a different vantage point Reading a chart is not so easy. And even so difficult when higher timeframes show a completely different story.  That is why top-down analysis has considerable preference among traders. Monthly view with the TradePips custom indi It is obvious that the trend has been (and still is) bearish for few years …