Trade Pips Currency strength meter

 Currency strength 1D screenshot

Currency strength is one of the most underrated trading tools.

Which is better?

  1. Look for strengths and weaknesses in a preselected currency pair.
  2. OR select the currency pair to trade based on the strongest and the weakest currencies on a given day or week.

With the second option, you already know the strength or the weakness of price.

“Trade Pips Currency Strength Meter” is our own tool to measure the comparative strengths between the major currencies (currently 4).

Elliott waves theory

The Elliott wave theory – discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948), mainly revolves around man’s mass psychology.

The patterns are still being used in trading even today. The only problem though, the application of Elliott’s principles is quite subjective.

But proper knowledge of this pattern-trading approach can yield massive gains, like our example forecast on…

WXYXZ Elliott wave correction on NZDCAD W1

Harmonic trading

Bullish bat pattern fib ratio alignments

Harmonic patterns are called “harmonic” because of their inherent harmony with Fibonacci ratios.

Fibonacci extensions and retracements of multiple preceding waves create a nice confluence zone of ratios called PRZ.

Harmonic trading is the science of using Fibonacci ratios for trading. Pattern trading can be overwhelming. But, the secret technique is…

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