fxmillionsMy name is Ameen Aliyar and I am a front end developer and a full-time forex trader.  Yes, I know. You must be wondering how could I be full-time at both – the job and trading, right? Full time trading does not require me sitting in front of the charts. Hence I am able to do my analysis and placing of orders when I’m home.

So both my job and trading have evolved to be a major part of my life.

I started trading some 6 years ago, when one of my friends introduced me to forex. Before that, I did not know a single thing about retail forex trading. Although I’ve had some experience as a banker, I had some knowledge of how foreign exchange work in the real life – e.g. foreign trade and tourism. But speculation of these currency markets to make a profit was an alien concept for me.

I soon realized that there was so much to learn. I did not even know what was a pip. Obviously I went searching for educational resources online and I found my first school of trading – babypips.com. If you have not yet gone through these lessons at babypips, I highly recommend you do so. It’s an invaluable resource, yet its FREE.

With all the newly acquired knowledge, I thought I would make a lot of money in a short span of time. I was so confident that I ignored some suggestions made in the lessons; that I should device, back-test and forward-test (on a demo,) any strategy; “before trading live with real money.” I guess I don’t have to explain what happened next.

So I blew my first real account and went back to the drawing boards. Months went by, and I found myself to be comfortable trading for smaller targets with small risk with a variety of strategies. So I started trading live as a scalper again. But this was all kind of a hobby, rather than a stream of income. Some good days, some bad days, but all in all I was more or less break even. But I kept on doing it because I loved trading, and I still do.

When I was an avid scalper, I started the blog forex-sclaping.com. Now my trading style has changed from scalping to swing trading. Nowadays, I look to hold onto trades for days or even weeks. This was a major turning point in my trading career. Also one of the reasons why I transferred my site from forex-scalping.com to TradePips.com. You will still find my older articles about scalping and day trading in this blog too. I just did not want to lose my timeline as a blogger.

However, I want you to understand that I have a different view on the markets now. As I gather knowledge on various dynamics of the markets; my analysis, trading as well as the broader view changes. Sure, you can follow my evolution as a trader by subscribing to this blog. You may also chose to follow me on social sites.

My latest discovery on trading is the wave principle or famously known as the Elliott Waves theory. I have known this theory for years. But I never really gave any credibility to it, simply because:
1. I did not know how to apply it in charts.
2. I did not know how to accommodate it into a strategy.

Now I trade Elliott waves patterns and structures. They are a great tool understand any financial market.

The main purpose of TradePips.com is to deliver resourceful content to traders. If you have any question, comment or suggestion please feel free to contact me.

I would like to thank you for visiting TradePips.com.

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