EURUSD weekly outlook 15th – 19th August 2016

Markets move slowly… When you do weekly forecasts, you realize how slow the markets move each week. This is true even for highly liquid and most traded forex instruments like EURUSD. This may be a fast-paced world, but the markets are slow cumbersome beasts. That is why patience is critical to be profitable in this business; you … Read more

EURUSD weekly outlook 08th-13th August 2016

Non-Farm employment change NFP on Friday was expected to create some violent moves across major pairs simply because of vast gaps between data of previous months. However, it did not create such extreme volatility as expected. None the less the data came out in favor of the US dollar against the forecast figure of 180K. But the actual figure of 255K was … Read more

EURUSD weekly outlook – 01-05 August 2016

EURUSD – the most popular forex instrument Why is it important to analyze EURUSD every week? Euro and Us dollar are the currencies of two most biggest economies in the world. Therefore, quite naturally, it becomes a necessity to dissect the EURUSD movements in order to achieve success in forex trading. If you are new at TradePips, please … Read more

EURUSD Weekly outlook 23-07-2016

EURUSD – So far so good Euro-dollar so far playing according to our long term forecast. Remember the forecast was made long before the Brexit and still stays valid to date. Its not to say that our forecasts are perfect. Because they are not. Forecasts can never be perfect, and there is no saying that the market … Read more

EURUSD weekly outlook 17-07-2016

EURUSD weekly analysis and forecast EURUSD seems to have broken out of the corrective structure with the last few 4H candles on Friday. If you have been following my forecasts, last week we did forecast a corrective move up to complete the (y) wave and also to complete the overall wave ii of the Micro degree. Now … Read more

EURUSD weekly outlook 10-07-2016

EURUSD sideways correction still on… EURUSD is still in a sideways corrective structure in 4H and 1H timeframes. As per last week’s expectation, the market did break to the downside. But there was not enough conviction in the break, nor there was impulsive momentum. On a technical standpoint, the EURUSD has still no directional bias. Hence … Read more

EURUSD Weekly outlook 03-07-2016

EURUSD in a messy correction EURUSD is in a corrective rally and continued to recover from the Brexit drop. Although the week closed higher than the open, the structure of the rally is pretty much corrective. Short terms trades are next to impossible until there will be enough signs of a completed corrective structure. At … Read more

EURUSD analysis – what to expect after Brexit

Eurusd what next after brexit weekly chart

Will EUR experience further decline? Eurusd is in a vulnerable position after the unexpected Brexit vote on 24th. While nearly half of the British voters wanted to keep their identity as a “European” superpower, it just wasn’t enough to keep Britain in the EU. Not only both currencies (EUR and GBP) are expected to go through a turbulent period, … Read more

EURUSD Elliott wave count 25-06-2016

EURUSD saw a bearish impulse on Friday the 24th. But the price is still within the 4th wave corrective structure of the Primary degree. Degrees above Grand Super-cycle are beyond the scope of this analysis. Hence not marked on the chart. Wave counts for each degree from Monthly chart to 15 Min. chart EURUSD Monthly … Read more

EURUSD Weekly outlook – 25-06-16

EURUSD along with other currency pairs experienced a volatile week with Britain having the brexit referendum polls on 23rd. Obviously the brexit also concerning the Euro zone had a huge say in EUR rates. Building up to the event, there was a gap at the Monday open of 58 pips, where the Friday close was 1.12737 and Monday … Read more