EURUSD What next? Analysis and forecast

EURUSD – what next? is the question of most traders these days. No offense, but I felt sorry for all the fundamental traders. All that buzz of NFP – a high impact monthly news event, and you only get a measly 80 pip move; even that, as a correction of the main weekly move? Sorry … Read more

EURUSD Forecast and Review – January 2016

EURUSD review 4H

Start for the EURUSD in 2016 was choppy to say the least.  It has not been easy with other pairs either. This is when long-term wave analysis comes in handy. Previous EURUSD forecast did not expect such a long corrective structure. To have a directional bias, an expectation, is priceless; regardless of whether or not the market … Read more

EURUSD 29th June 2015 Monday Gap Analysis

  Here is the thought process and the theory behind this EURUSD Monday-gap analysis – Supply, Demand, Price and Speculation. Did the market close the opening gap through the course of Monday or the week. I would say no, the market maintained the gap through the course of Monday and the whole week. Orders were processed … Read more