GBPUSD Breaks Out At Last – 28th Aug 2015

GBPUSD Analysis for the week ending 28.08.15 If you trade GBPUSD quite often, then you know it has been bonkers for the past few months. But price pierced through the ‘Daily trendline support’ on the 26th as the pair have been heavily bearish throughout the week. This could be a bearish corrective wave, nevertheless price seem … Read more

AUDUSD Short Trade Setup – 28 Jul, 2015

  AUDUSD short set up with a simple trendline breakout on hourly in harmony with the bearish trend on all the higher timeframes. Zooming in on a trade from the highest timeframe to the tradable hourly or H4 timeframe for a precise entry is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to trading. … Read more

EURUSD 29th June 2015 Monday Gap Analysis

  Here is the thought process and the theory behind this EURUSD Monday-gap analysis – Supply, Demand, Price and Speculation. Did the market close the opening gap through the course of Monday or the week. I would say no, the market maintained the gap through the course of Monday and the whole week. Orders were processed … Read more

USDCAD Bearish Shark Short Trade – 30th June 2015

  A bearish Shark pattern has been completed on USDCAD 4H timeframe. Shark is one of the most probable patterns as the completion D point naturally falls at a significant level. In this case D point is the 3rd retest of the 1.25620 level. The beauty is that even if price fails to reach the level and … Read more

CADJPY Trade Idea At a Key Confluence Zone – 29th Jun to 4 Jul 2015

CADJPY price is currently in a high-confluence reversal zone. There are several factors to suggest that we may expect a reversal of the current bullish trend. Here’s the top-down analysis. Weekly Chart Overall weekly trend is bullish. In the context of higher timeframes, price has moved only sideways in a rangebound market since 2013 (range zone marked … Read more

GBPUSD Chart Analysis – June 22nd to 26th 2015

    GBPUSD has been in a strong uptrend for the whole of June right from the start of the month. On hindsight the previous downtrend had retracements back and forth towards key fibonacci levels. Not that we could have traded them, because the fibonacci levels within a trend could be seen only after the trend … Read more