Post election volatility and upcoming low liquidity – a deadly combination…

It has been a while since my last update on this blog. Due to obvious reasons, I have been quietly watching the markets from the sidelines. A month after trump trumped the whole world with a surprise, forex markets have not yet fully absorbed or adopted to new conditions of the global currency. Post election volatility This chart is pretty much … Read more

Elliott Wave analysis on weekly charts

Elliott wave analysis is the most fascinating method to forecast the waves and the direction of any instrument. Elliott developed the wave principle as a tool to understand the current market position of the price. But Elliott wave analysis also can provide important clues about the immediate future. USD Index USD Index chart waves are not labelled, but as you can … Read more

Dollar Index D1 Triangle D wave

dollar index long term triangle

Dollar index has been in a massive corrective structure. This has been the case for over a year. The recent unpredictability and volatility of the markets would mark the end of the C wave, and the commencement of the D wave; within a huge triangle structure

Dollar Index long term correction