Forex Trendy Review

This is a slightly different review you would ever read about the Forex Trendy. I don’t usually do reviews unless its a neat and useful product. So if you expect a usual sales-pitch, this is not it.

As a full time forex trader and an expert on the subject, its my duty to protect the unsuspecting novice traders from spending boat loads of cash on every other forex EA. I’m not saying EA’s are useless, however an EA cannot substitute the human brain. Period.

I myself have programmed profitable EA’s, but they too are profitable when I intervene and add some form of manual supervision. Its unfortunate that so many traders fall for non-performing, mostly untested forex junkware.

On the other hand, Forex Trendy is different, because its not an EA or a bot for autotrading. Its just a tool you can use in manual trading, an amazing addition to your trading arsenal.

What does it do? and What are the advantages of using it?

I will tell you what its not first. Because we traders are bombarded with so much BS these days that when we hear a name like Forex Trendy there are so many things that pop up in hour heads.

  • Its NOT an indicator
  • Its NOT a signal service
  • Its NOT an automated software
  • In fact its not a software, not in the sense of downloadable installation software
  • Not an add-on to specific platforms such as MetaTrader or NinjaTrader

What you get is an online portal of invaluable, up-to-date recommendation of best forex pairs to trade at any given moment! Its a cloud computing software that you can access and use from anywhere at anytime. Basically you get a list of currency pairs (along with their charts) and the timeframe in which the trends are most active. So you can eliminate low probability trades altogether, regardless of the strategy you employ, by trading the most trending currency pairs at the moment. This is a goldmine if you know how to utilize its powers, as they say the trend is your friend until it ends.

If you still can’t figure out the value of this service, you are probably not ready to put this service to optimal use. In fact, you should continue the learning process without risking capital, perhaps with a demo account, until you grasp the importance of trends. Its a fact that traders make more money in trending markets and choppy markets are an uphill struggle even for the most seasoned traders.

This in itself is worth gold, but the Forex trendy team has taken this a step further. Now they have included an alert system within the package, which means that you can get alerts for certain candlestick structure patterns as I call them. Namely ‘Triangle, Wedge and Flag structures.’ Does not matter what strategy you trade, Squeeze These Patterns Into Your Trading Strategy and you won’t be disappointed.

Why should you Subscribe to This Service!

Let me go through what my typical trading day looked like when I first started. I would walk up early in the morning (Regardless of where I lived… Because I was in Asia couple of years back and now I live in Europe,) usually around 6 a.m in the morning and have a look at the financial calendar for the day and then start working on the charts around 7.

Btw I don’t trade news specifically and if there were any major news on that day, I would protect my open positions or exit positions (depending on the open-trades’ profits,) 15-20 minutes before the news event.

Now, for the most part of my mornings I would analyze overnight market movements, comparing them to my expectations from the day before. This is the most important time of the day, because this is the time that I have to skim through all the pairs I trade, in order to determine their trend direction and possible trade setups.

Of course I have previous days analysis saved up on charts along with a couple of proprietory indicators that I use to give me possible price indications. However I began to notice that I was doing a great deal of mistakes during the start of my session. This was due to the stress and having to juggle with many a too things at the same time.


One more interesting part of my personal behavior was that often I would stick with my favorite pair to trade for the most part of the day – GBPUSD. Its a good thing when the pair is moving smoothly. It would have been a nightware sticking only to GBPUSD for past few weeks. Luckily I am done with my past habits. If you trade this pair often, you know what I’m talking about. In the recent past GBPUSD has been practically impossible to trade.

So with Forex Trendy, you can keep track of 34 forex pairs and every timeframe for each pair (from 1Minute to 1Month,) for much less than its worth. What more could you ask for?

On hindsight, a massive chunk of my losses came because I picked the wrong pair to trade on the day. So answer to the question ‘why should you Subscribe to This Service?’ is obvious.

A Little Disclaimer

If you are reading this far, I assume you are a seasoned trader who knows about the risks involved in trading. You can have all the tools in the world, yet still lose money in trading, I believe you know that already. This membership service is only for traders who are trying to improve their results. If you are new and don’t have sound trading experience, most probably subscribing to this service alone is not guaranteed positive results.

Before you Click The Link below, please understand that I might get a small incentive from the vendor, should you decide to Buy The Product Now. However, it does not make any difference to You as a Valued Customer, not on price, product or services whatsoever, whether You Buy The Product via an affiliate (like me ) or directly from the vendor. If you think that this review has helped you Make the Right Decision then I welcome you to Click the Link Below to Buy The Product should you wish to do so.

Forex trading is risky and you could lose all of the account capital and more. Having said that, our job as traders is to reduce risk to a bare minimum and improve the probability of winning. So will Forex Trendy help you make high probability trades? You Be the Judge!

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