How to trade using Elliott Waves

Using Elliott waves

Traders have been using Elliott waves theory (is not a theory anymore in my opinion) for decades. Although the rules and guidelines are quite simple to understand, it becomes a daunting task to implement it in the actual day-to-day trading. Today’s lesson is about how to trade using Elliott waves. I will show you exactly how I … Read more

10 ways to avoid losing money in forex

In order to learn how NOT to lose money trading forex, one must understand why so many traders lose money in the first place. Its like troubleshooting a software issue in your laptop. Imagine if there was something wrong in your laptop that needs immediate attention and you just did not know the problem even existed, … Read more

5 Things to Avoid As A Forex Trader

You may deny it, but in reality we all have’em – ‘Bad Habits,’ specially when it comes to trading forex. I have outlined below some of the main  bad-habits that I had to overcome personally, in order to improve my trading. 1. Guess Work This is the mother of them all. Its important to note … Read more