WP TradingView – wordpress plugin

TradingView is a popular charting and trading platform used and loved by thousands of traders. TradePips uses its charts too. TradingView also has a number of publishing-tools and widgets for webmasters. Being a WordPress site ourselves, we thought of brdging the awesomeness of TradingView and WordPress, with a free WordPress plugin.

With WP TradingView:

  1. you can add TV widgets and tools to your site without even leaving the WP dashboard.
  2. Use widgets to add to sidebar.
  3. Use shortcodes to embed the same widget content within pages and posts.
  4. Add multiple widgets in a single page without loading the scripts multiple times.
  5. Pre-loads javascript files to increase speedup the loading of widgets.
  6. You can set default settings for widgets in plugin options page.
  7. Generate shortcode using widget settings or plugin options page (saving the settings generates a shortcode and displays it,) so that you don’t have to manually type-in shortcodes and their attribute values. Instead just copy the generated shortcodes to wherever you want.

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Download WP TradingView from WordPress.org

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