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Since 2012 Trade Pips has helped thousands of traders with trading tools and educational resources. WP TradingView is one such solution to help finance websites to easily embed TradingView widgets with shortcodes, mainly the Tradingview chart.

WP TradingView plugin developed by Trade Pips, is a neat solution to embed various TradingView widgets and publishing tools right within the wordpress dashboard.

Years ago, we created the WP TradingView plugin to incorporate TradingView widgets onto WordPress websites. This solution allows for the easy embedding of several TradingView widgets and publishing tools directly within the WordPress dashboard.

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Five different TradingView widgets

  1. TradingView Profile
  2. Idea stream
  3. Idea preview
  4. Chat widget
  5. Stock/Forex Chart widget

Shortcode support

Shortcode support to embed the same widget contents within site content (posts and pages.)

Default settings page

Use the plugin settings page to set default values for each widget. So when you attach the widgets, they are already populated with default settings.
Of course you may further customize every widget instance as you wish.

When the settings are saved (plugin options page and widget settings) the short code is updated, where you can copy the shortcode into any post or page.



Features of the WP TradingView plugin:

  1. you can add TV widgets and tools to your site without even leaving the WP dashboard.
  2. Use widgets to add to the sidebar.
  3. Use shortcodes to embed the same widget content within pages and posts.
  4. Add multiple widgets on a single page without loading the scripts multiple times.
  5. Pre-loads javascript files to increase speed up the loading of widgets.
  6. You can set default settings for widgets on the plugin options page.
  7. Generate shortcodes using widget settings or the plugin options page (saving the settings generates a shortcode that you can copy,) so that you don’t have to manually type in shortcodes and their attribute values. Instead, just copy the generated shortcodes to wherever you want.

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Idea preview

With this Tradingview WordPress Plugin you can add the most popular Tradingview widgets to your posts and pages with ease.

Widget examples at the Tradingview website

Tradingview provides a myriad of widgets for websites. The most popular ones are the chart widget and the ticker widgets.

The usual method to embed TradingView widgets is to copy the embed code for the selected widgets directly from the TradingView website and paste it back into your posts or pages.

Click the blue button below to explore all the available TradingView widgets:

Tradingview Chart Widget

Interactive chart widget

Usage of wp plugin to embed Tradingview widgets

Manual copy/paste method makes it difficult to maintain or update the code globally across the whole site.

e.g. If TradingView decides to make a change in the embed code format or parameters, then you would have to manually search and update every TV widget instance in your website.

In such scenario (without the wordpress plugin) you would have to:

  1. Know and remember all the posts/pages where there is a TradingView widget that needs to be updated
  2. Manually update all those widget embed codes

This is why manual copy/paste embedding is not a sustainable method, and it is the main reason why this WP TradingView plugin was developed.

WP Tradingview plugin

When this Tradingview plugin for wordpress was first developed, there were only a handful of widgets provided by Tradingview.

A lot has changed since! Tradingview developers have discontinued some of the earlier ones such as the chat and profile widgets while they added many new ones to the list. Overall the current list has a vast variety of awesome widgets to chose from.

If you are not yet on Tradingview, click the button below to join the revolutionary trading platform:

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