Here you will find a collection of “selected” forex trading strategies, that I came across over the years of trading. The best strategy is to find the one that is suitable for your own personality and trading habits. I literally tried and tested hundreds of strategies until I finally found the one that works best for me. If you find that any listed strategy that does not give you the expected results, its not because the strategy is wrong. It means that you are yet to find the right one. If you find these helpful, please leave your feedback and your experience using them, in the corresponding strategy page. Thank you for testing or using our selected forex strategies.

MACD divergence trading strategy

MACD Divergence Trading Strategy

Introduction Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is a popular indicator used by traders to identify potential trend changes in the market. MACD divergence trading involves using this indicator to identify divergence between the MACD and the price action. This strategy can be used in any market and any time frame, making it a versatile tool

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