Snake Borders Indicator Trading Strategy with Download

Snake borders indicator is a sleek piece of software developed for the Metatrader 4 platform. It uses High, Low price calculations from preceding bars. You can specify the maximum and minimum number of period settings. The indicator creates a band where price is more likely to live within. Snake borders indicator for Metatrader 4 is a neat … Read more

Pivot Point Trading Strategy with Pivot Point Indicator

Pivot Point inward bounces

A Pivot point is simply the High, Low and Average of preceding x number of bars. In our case, previous x number of Daily bars. Pivot point indicators are lagging since they are naturally based on historical price points. In this particular pivot point indicator, I have used multi time frame calculations so you can plot daily or … Read more

Elliott Waves, Harmonics and Fibonacci ratios

Lets face it. Getting a sense of direction on any chart is not an easy task. But its not impossible. Specially, when we combine Elliott waves or ‘The Wave Principle’ with Harmonic patterns and Fibonacci ratios for example. Elliott waves theory (I believe its not a theory anymore, but a proven strategy) is an excellent … Read more

ABCD or AB=CD Advanced Harmonic Pattern

ABCD or AB=CD is the most basic of all harmonic patterns. Harmonic patterns are defined by fibonacci retracement and extension ratios. Yes, in order to understand harmonics, its imperative that you have a deep understanding of fib ratios. If you are totally new to harmonic trading or trading in general for that matter please read … Read more

Forex Pullback Trading Strategy

I still remember the days when I was first introduced to forex trading. I started learning forex like a mad scientist. Obviously, the first indicator I learnt was the Moving Average. Then I looked at a moving average cross over strategy. I was closely observing two moving averages plotted in a chart, then I said … Read more