Should you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency markets are no doubt the most volatile of all. Partly because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as tokens based on “smart-contracts”, have amassed a flood of amateur wealth-seekers into the financial markets. Overnight millionaire stories have become more common. But within this fledgling niche, it is not so unusual to hear about epic failures too. The potential … Read more

Improve your P&L with pending orders

Why pending orders are such a useful method? There are numerous benefits of using pending orders instead of market orders. If you are not using pending orders, perhaps this post could help you to reconsider your methods of order-placement. Makes trading a boring game (which it should be) Pending orders will take the excitement out of the … Read more

Pips, Lots, Margin and Leverage – basics to make real pips

pips, margin, leverage, lots

Learn pips before making them You will be absolutely dumbfounded if you knew how many traders are oblivious to terms like margin, leverage, lot size and even pips. Let alone calculating them, some don’t even know how these faculties affect a trading account. I know, it can be daunting when you first hear these words and their definitions. … Read more

How to trade using Elliott Waves

Using Elliott waves

Traders have been using Elliott waves theory (is not a theory anymore in my opinion) for decades. Although the rules and guidelines are quite simple to understand, it becomes a daunting task to implement it in the actual day-to-day trading. Today’s lesson is about how to trade using Elliott waves. I will show you exactly how I … Read more

How to Manage Stop Loss in Trading

Manage stop loss and reduce losses In today’s post we will discuss about ‘how to manage stop loss’ in trading. Stop loss management is critical for the success or failure of any strategy. This is why well defined strategies have emphasis on stop loss, take profit and risk to reward ratio. The topic of stop … Read more

Trading Around your Day Job is an Art

Trading Part Time? Anyone? Its not easy to concentrate on you are trading around your day job. Furthermore, if you are looking to become a full-time trader, the transition phase is another nightmare too. I really don’t mean to put you off first up, with such flattering statements. But as traders, we have to look at facts as … Read more

Why Scalp the Forex Markets?

  Trading The Forex Markets There is a question that every scalper should answer before jumping into real trading. Why scalp the forex markets instead of trading the long time frames or hold positions for days or weeks for bigger profits? Its an important question to answer, because without knowing the ‘why’ its almost pointless to chose a certain … Read more